Metallwarenfabrik Hirsch GmbH supplies you with semi-finished products such as strips, sheets, rods, tubes, profiles, profiled wires and wires, made of steel, copper and copper alloys as well as aluminium and aluminium alloys.  In the sense of the REACH regulation these are products. In accordance with Article 33 of REACH Regulation (EC) 1907/2006, we hereby inform you as a supplier of articles that semi-finished products supplied by us may contain the following substances on the REACH candidate list as SVHC:

Lead (Pb): CAS: 7439-92-1  
EINECS: 231-100-4 
Recording date: 27.06.2018

In particular, the following alloys in our delivery range contain lead with a content > 0.1 mass percent. The list does not claim to be exhaustive and is for your guidance only. The choice and use of materials are the responsibility of our customers.

Material Code | Material Number | Metallwarenfabrik Hirsch SCIP Number

AlMgSiBi | AW-6026 | 7599e581-b86f-42d1-8d47-ef32bde48c67
AlCu6BiPb | AW-2011 | 7599e581-b86f-42d1-8d47-ef32bde48c67
AlCu6BiPb(A) | AW-2011A | 7599e581-b86f-42d1-8d47-ef32bde48c67
AlMg1SiPbMn | AW-6018 | 182ba07c-dc16-42a2-8c35-f9ec10aea6ea
AlMgSiPb | AW-6012 | 182ba07c-dc16-42a2-8c35-f9ec10aea6ea
AlCu4PbMgMn | AW-2007 | 182ba07c-dc16-42a2-8c35-f9ec10aea6ea

CuSn12-C | CC483K | e5752714-0fe6-4f64-aab9-3cc6a792ad50
CuSn5Zn5Pb5-C | CC491K | e5752714-0fe6-4f64-aab9-3cc6a792ad50
CuSn7Zn4Pb7-C | CC493K | e5752714-0fe6-4f64-aab9-3cc6a792ad50
CuSn10Pb10-C | CC495K | e5752714-0fe6-4f64-aab9-3cc6a792ad50
CuSn11Pb2-C | CC482K | e5752714-0fe6-4f64-aab9-3cc6a792ad50
CuSn7Pb15-C | CC496K | e5752714-0fe6-4f64-aab9-3cc6a792ad50

CuZn42 | CW510L | e66749a5-c8b5-4ba5-abec-05dc280a58f0
CuZn40 | CW509L | e66749a5-c8b5-4ba5-abec-05dc280a58f0
CuZn35Ni3Mn2AlPb | CW710R | e66749a5-c8b5-4ba5-abec-05dc280a58f0
CuZn37Mn3Al2PbSi | CW713R | e66749a5-c8b5-4ba5-abec-05dc280a58f0
CuZn35Pb1 | CW600N | e66749a5-c8b5-4ba5-abec-05dc280a58f0
CuZn38Pb1 | CW607N | e66749a5-c8b5-4ba5-abec-05dc280a58f0
CuZn35Pb2 | CW601N | e66749a5-c8b5-4ba5-abec-05dc280a58f0
CuZn38Pb2 | CW608N | e66749a5-c8b5-4ba5-abec-05dc280a58f0
CuZn39Pb2 | CW612N | e66749a5-c8b5-4ba5-abec-05dc280a58f0
CuZn40Pb2 | CW617N | e66749a5-c8b5-4ba5-abec-05dc280a58f0
CuZn40Pb2Al | CW618N | e66749a5-c8b5-4ba5-abec-05dc280a58f0
CuZn36Pb2As | CW602N | e66749a5-c8b5-4ba5-abec-05dc280a58f0
CuZn39Pb3 | CW614N | e66749a5-c8b5-4ba5-abec-05dc280a58f0

CuNi18Zn19Pb1 | CW408J | da1fd97f-dbce-44b7-a521-af24237b57da
CuNi7Zn39Pb3Mn2 | CW400J | da1fd97f-dbce-44b7-a521-af24237b57da

11SMnPb30+C (9SMnPb28k) | 1.0718 | ef983e6a-de60-408c-b5cb-3e8d4f2d19a2


Additional information on a voluntary Basis:
Solid lead metal, e.g. as a component of a metallic alloy, is considered toxic for reproduction if the concentration limit of 0.3% by weight is exceeded.
We would like to inform you that the use of lead in metallic semi-finished products has been regulated for many years. The information obligation under REACH is not based on new scientific knowledge about the metal. It is based solely on the fact that lead has been added to the REACH candidate list by the European Chemicals Agency. The aim of the inclusion is, among other things, to obtain information on the quantities of these substances used within the EU.
Lead acts as a chip breaker and lubricant in aluminium and copper alloys, improves the machinability of copper alloys and also gives the finished component other properties such as corrosion resistance or better sliding and emergency running properties. The alternatives to the use of copper alloys with a mass content of up to 4% lead cannot currently be considered scientifically or technically practicable. It is also technically impossible to remove the lead unintentionally introduced into the recycling stream.